TinTin Studio | stepbystep

按下 Client Login, 輸入電郵提供 ID 和 密碼。

Press "Client Login" and access with ID & password from your email.

按下右上角 Select Photos

Press "select Photos" to start

 先挑選製作相架的照片, 再按 Package A(Free 10x10/9x12 Frame)*    *依據你選購攝影套餐, 選擇相應相架尺寸

 Pick your photos and select the product on the right. For ex. choose a photo and select Package A(Free 10x10/9x12 Frame) to order a frame.

按 Add To Cart, 便儲存了相架訂單 

Click " Add to Cart" to save added product.

自動返回相片集, 再另外選擇共 20 張, 再按 Package A (Free 20 retouch Photo*)    *依據你選購攝影套餐, 選擇相應照片數量

Once you've return to your album, you can start selecting for your next product. Select 20 photos and press on the product on right.

按下 Continue,進入下一個步驟

Press continue to next step

將已選擇照片, 拖拉到相應空格內, 然後按 Save To Cart 以儲存選擇

Drag your selected photos to the right to save to cart.

自動返回相片集, 按 View Cart (查看購物車)

After you've select all the products, press view cart to see what you've chosen.

查看內容,正確便按 Checkout Now

Double check your order and press checkout to continue.

 請記得輸入你的姓名和電郵*, 然後按 Continue Checkout      ( 訂單內容將以電郵形式到此郵箱內 )

 Enter your info and press continue

再核對內容,按下 Place Order 

Press Place Order

 當出現此 Receipt 版面,  同時你亦會收到電郵, 訂單便已經完成

This page shows the receipt and an email notification will be sent to you as well.