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There's something special about having a classic car for a wedding. From the vintage stylings, ivory paintwork to the analog gauges are all so perfectly match in giving the wedding photos a classic look that just gets better over time. On the shoot it also gives the couples more to interact with and allows them to be more comfortable in showing their own characteristics. Blessed for the beautiful weather on the day (forecast thunderstorm) we were able to quickly hit the open fields and have the top down for this in between photo session before heading in to the venue. Just love how these photos turn out and having a classic car should be a must for weddings.



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Paris and London https://www.tintinstudio.com/blog/2017/10/paris-and-london Photographing our own wedding portraits in Paris & London:

Right, that is actually me in the photos haha. Before our wedding, my wife and I want to do something different which is to photograph our own pre-wedding photos in Paris and London. We did all the plannings ahead and scout for the locations and best time to photograph. Waking up and getting ready at 4am to avoid tourist at the Eiffel tower and bringing baggages of our own dress/suits. It was definitely a challenge as I would have to compose the shoot and then get into position for it. In case you're wondering we didn't use any tripod for these photos because we have our sister-in-law there with us to help get these beautiful photos of us. It was definitely a fun and memorable experience but of cause I would suggest hiring a photographer  to save the trouble and just enjoy the moment ;)





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Santorini Wedding https://www.tintinstudio.com/blog/2017/9/santorini-wedding White & Blue Wedding shoot in Santorini:

Santorini is one of the most beautiful places in the world with iconic white and blue buildings everywhere you go. Along with the open sky and breathtaking ocean view this place is absolutely gorgeous for destination weddings or even just to have a photoshoot. We've always wanted to be here and in 2017 we're happy to have set foot in Santorini for the first time with this lovely couple. It's definitely a place we want to revisit again! 

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Into the Wild https://www.tintinstudio.com/blog/2015/11/into-the-wild Into the Wild:

I've been photographing in studio with families for awhile but  at that time this is one of my first wedding photoshoot and a very important too. It was for my own sister's wedding in Vancouver back in 2015. At first I wasn't sure about doing it because I don't want to fail expectation for family which will just be too stressful for me. My sister encourage me though and honestly happy enough just to have me shoot the photographs. She gave me confidents and of course I gave my best to it as well. Now, I'm more than glad and thankful for doing the photoshoot. It was a breakthrough and milestone for me in photography. It's true that most fear and self doubt are just inside your head. All is needed is to have faith, courage and push yourself out of your comfort zone. 






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